The World Women Network was created as a forum through which entrepreneurial women can help other entrepreneurial women in the key areas of their life. In business, personal development, family and the delicate career balance. This forum is to give each other the resources and the tools we need to succeed and the support we all are longing for when we are building our business.

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Hello Ladies,

We would like to inform that with the situation with the Corona virus and the Swedish Foreign Ministry's advice, the trip will not take place in May (due to illnesses / quarantine / closed borders or stopped planes).

Our ambition is for it to happen later than planned.

Stay Safe Everyone!

Take ownership of your dreams, now!

Take Ownership of your Dreams, Now!


A popular success and entrepreneurship adage, goes – fake it, ‘til you make it. It suggests we live our dreams now, that we rewire our perspective to that of the person we aspire to be. It encourages us to act, think, and live as we’ve envisioned a successful person would. It’s like living the dream while working for it. Savoring the successes of the end goal, while finding our way to it. If you dream of becoming the CEO of a successful business, dress like one, act like one and work like one.

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