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Weekly Podcast: 

What? The week in tech, culture, science and politics

When? Every Friday

How long? Around 30 to 40 minutes

Weekly Reading:

Is money seriously stressing you out?

Money can have a huge impact on your mental health. 

By Jean Chatzky

Weekly Blog Post:

Yesterday I finished my very last exam at university and finally starting my life as a full-time entrepreneur!

By: Sinem Günel



The World Women Network was created as a forum through which entrepreneurial women can help other entrepreneurial women in the key areas of their life. In business, personal development, family and the delicate career balance. This forum is to give each other the resources and the tools we need to succeed and the support we all are longing for when we are building our business.

Susanne Birgersdotter,  

Founder & CEO

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 Talks, Sisterhood, Shopping, Food, Entrepreneurs, Workshops.

Business and Pleasure.

Let me know if you would like to join and I will tell you all about it.


Do you want to go to italy with me spring 2020?

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