It’s been six years since a pandemic rocked the world, wiping out most of the people on Earth. Those who survived are now living in a multitude of communities and doing their best to pick up the pieces of their lives. Among this population, however, there’s a group of four people who will band together, face the ghosts from their pasts and prepare themselves for a rumored second outbreak.

An intimate portrayal, Alicia Keys shares her private story. From her relationship with her father, romantic revelations, her career and the difficult expectations of ‘female perfection,’ she bares it all in this exploration of who she really is. She candidly recounts her story and shares how she rediscovered herself and found her truth.

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More Myself: A Journey by Alicia Keys

The Power of Sisterhood in Business Success


There aren’t too many women in business. It is only a few decades back that women have started rising in the ranks and/or running their businesses. But we still have a long way to go. Right now, women entrepreneurs own and/or run around 50% of small businesses around the world. But, only a very low 2% of major business ventures are backed by women. This shows a lot. It’s either that women are just as trusted as men in handling smaller enterprises, but not when it comes to big ones. Or women have only trusted themselves to smaller and safer ventures.


I think it is a combination of both internal and external factors that held back women from fully achieving equality in the business community.

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