The World Women Network is an organization started by Susanne Birgersdotter in 2018. 


- It is my devotion to helping,  supporting and connecting other women in the entrepreneurial community to reach the top.
- Females have other obstacles than men, and we need to come together and help and support each other to get to our goals. 
Together we can do it!

-My journey as a self-made entrepreneur is currently being written in my book Pivotal Moments, and If you are interested in signing up as a member for World Women Network, you should sign in on this page. 

-Thank you, 
Susanne Birgersdotter


You're wonderful and we will support you! We are your backend and your support. 

By joining,  you are not only a pioneer in female empowerment you are supporting something greater

Ask anything in our forum, share in your own blog. Connect with other female entrepreneurs. Feel that no question is too naive.

Get the support you need when you need it. WE ARE HERE! 

Membership includes


Women all around are, will or have been facing yoru challenges. Heres where you connect!

Create your blog

To tell your story is to help. One of the big mistakes that we do is to not share. No one judeges here. 


The forum is for you. Any topic that you want to share or read about is here. 

World Women Network


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S-111 60 Stockholm Sweden

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45 Prospect Str
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