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Many of WWN´s members are business owners and there is no better way to support a member than to make the active choice of buying from them. So if you are a member and want to show your goods or services here you are more than welcome, its free. If you are not a member you cannot show here, but you can contact us for more info on other ways to advertise on the members pages. 

Orange Sparkle Ball ( is an innovation agency that creates and frames new initiatives, products and services to internal and external stakeholders. We work with corporate clients, startups, and non-profits, helping them convey their stories, connect with their target audiences, and position themselves. We work best with passionate people who have a new idea or mindset that they need assistance in presenting to the world. Through focus on brand development, product design, environmental design, service design, and organization design, we plan and execute a multi-faceted problem solving approach for these new products and ideas.

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WD Wittboldt Geopolitical Analyst
I complement your business strategy and legal control mechanism by applying risk management that brings in the political perspective.
What are the underlying factors that might ruin your deal? 
To what extent does religion and culture play a crucial part?
What do I need to know?   Wiktoria +46-738-300160

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Ekonomikonsulter M & Partners AB is a bookkeeping company. They handle your accounting, books, salaries, wages and keeping your economy in perfect order. The clients range from small to big and includes private accounting. They are in the process of expanding their offering to include web design, personal branding, and business coaching. +46707424089   Website

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