Welcome to World Women Network. I created this network for women who believes in helping and supporting each other, is the key to success. That we by thinking one extra time where I spend my money and that enjoying other peoples success, will benefit me personally in the end. 

Welcome to the womens club that will bring out the best in us!

Now start with adding your photo and edit your name and bio. This not only finally adds you to the pages but also gives other members the opportunity to see who you are. 

Here is a simple tutorial for you to get started fixing up your profile page!


1. Start with pressing the "down arrow" in the top right corner and see the "drop down". 

2. Press ”Profile" in the "drop down” 

3. Press ”Edit" in the left box and change you name. Press ”Save"

4.Write any text about yourself and add videos or images. 

5. Press publish and all will be visible for other members. 

Now you can start writing a blog, or ask things on the forum. 

We are constantly adding things to the website and next up is a members company list. So please send an image and text on your company and what you offer. It is free for all members.  This page is under HOME which makes it possible for any one visiting the site to see your company, members and non members. 

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