Balancing Two Frontiers – Home and Business

One of the greatest challenges of a entrepreneur is balancing two frontiers – home and business. Both equally important, equally demanding, and equally challenging. Both require fulltime attention and dedication. Some of us would easily fail to cope with the challenges of being a businesswoman or that of a homemaker alone. Taking on both doubles the challenge and the difficulty.

I am blessed with two happy, well-rounded, and wonderful kids, a loving and supportive husband, and a circle of like-minded friends and relatives who understand and support all my undertakings. I also enjoy a fruitful, fulfilling, and amazing career in business. I am too lucky!

How did I get too lucky? Or, maybe, it’s not about luck.

Most, if not all, successful women have a supportive and understanding partner, or none at all. You cannot effectively run and grow a business with a problematic relationship at home. You will not be able to concentrate on your business if you have a clingy, whiny, or an untrusting partner to weight you down. I have to get away from some serious relationships because we weren’t aligned with our dreams, mindset, or way of tackling life. It was either I nurture the business and lose the guy or follow the man and lose the business.

I quess I have business in my blood. But, if you want to succeed in both frontiers, find a partner who will be supportive and understanding.

Another secret to winning both worlds is by treating the home front as a business. And just like any business undertaking, you need to invest time, money, and effort in your family. You cannot ignore your husband, fail to spend quality time with your kids, or avoid attending key family events and expect your family to flourish and stay close. Take care of your family as you would look after a big earning business. The income you will reap from your family investments includes their love and support, peace of mind, and happiness with your loved ones.

Lastly, you need to take care of yourself, first. Self-care is often neglected, to our huge mistake. You see, one cannot pour from an empty cup. You cannot give what you don’t have. In airlines during emergencies, the mother is instructed to put on her oxygen mask first before her child. The logic is that if the mother faints from lack of oxygen, both her and her child are in peril. If the child faints, the mother will be alert and able to take care of him/her.

If you’re stressed and irritated, you are prone to committing mistakes, making wrong decisions, and sending wrong signals and messages to the people around you. When you’re sick, you will not be able to work at your 100%. And when you’re disorganized, your employees and family members might follow your example.

To succeed in both home and business, you need to be 100% - physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. If you aim to take on two challenging ventures, you must equip yourself first. And your best weapon is you. Your intelligence and creativity. Your fun and loving nature. Your healthy and able body.


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