Channel your energy

Channel your energy and finish your projects

We must learn to channel our energy, as it has a direct impact on our emotions, and our emotions have a direct impact on our productivity

There is nothing that consumes more energy than seeing a high half-implemented ideas and projects, and there is nothing that gives us more energy than seeing ETT implemented projects. On the web, we find lots of advice and recommendations on how to manage our time, but managing our energy has as much impact on our personal and professional development as the management of our time and therefore it must be treated with the same awe.

To do so, I urge you to ask these three questions.

1. In what time of your working day do you feel most full of energy?

2. After which activities do you feel full or empty of energy?

3. What people in your life give you or take off your energy?

For example, if you feel more energy during the first half of your working day, in the morning, it should be called productive time, uninterrupted working time, creative time. The second half of the day or in the afternoon should be regarded as active time, time that can be dedicated to meetings, for analysis or development.

There are activities that give us energy and others who take energy. We should all make a list to distinguish which activities take energy from us and which activities give us energy, when we have analyzed what the different activities are, we can balance our schedule between activities that provide and which take energy.

We also need to identify and recognize that there are people in our lives who provide energy, and those who steal our energy, especially at the moment of creation. You need to identify who you should keep close and make sure we give them positive energy as well.

Our energy levels are naturally psychic and when we learn how to handle it, we can learn to use it practically to our advantage. There is no better way to channel energy through a project where we can share our energy with the whole world. When we share our energy with the world, the world returns good energy, in terms of comments, invitations or opportunities.

When your energy level was low go out and search the energy in different activities.

When you have a high energy level, be sure to channel it into a small project that you can share.

When you find a person who gives you positive energy, say "I love your energy" we are always happy when you mention it, this has nothing to do with appearance, intellectual level or talent, rather this has to do with the personal essence of people spreading positive energy.

Let us use our hours of greatest energy and do something, create something, take advantage of the activities that give you energy, look for them, live them fully and remember to appreciate and socialize with the people who fill you with energy.

Love Marjorie

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