Everything is difficult before it is easy!

Start with a new routine, learn something new, meet new people, make changes in your life etc. everything is difficult from the beginning.

To overcome the launch, what do you do first?

You start by doing the worst in the beginning.

Start today's tasks with the most important or least pleasant thing early in the morning.

The idea is to get the most difficult, tedious task or job out of the way and thus leave the simplest, most fun thing for the rest of the day.

When we decide to start something new, to get out of our comfort zone we mentalize ourselves in order to overcome them, the first few days we feel anxious with energy from the new you propose to do, it can be to start a new job, new activity ...

As the days go by, we may start to get a little tired and think we can skip a day because we have been able to handle the first week without any problems, but now we have to change your thinking and stick to the commitments, especially when we do not feel that do it. that's when we begin to develop discipline to create a result in our lives.

Something very important is not to forget that what we do today will mean tomorrow.

"The moment means much more than any other moment in your life, because that's what we do today determines who you become.


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