Learning so much about my self right now.

I'm in Holland taking a 5 day course about personal leadership and for 2 days we have been looking through my skills and my not so strong sides. I often mistrust people but in the same time I'm naive and I jump in to things with people I don't know well enough, BUT i also do more business because of that and I get to know wonderful smart people.

Before Christmas I was in Amsterdam talking about entrepreneurship at Swedish Chamber of Commerce and there was this man in the audience that reached out to me after. People all over the world have been taking this course and once a year he is giving one course away for free he is calling it "picking the star of the year" 2017 it was Christer Fugelsang 2018 it was Christian Kromme and 2019 it's me, yes me...:) can't really believe it but here I am, sitting at a hotel in Holland after my morning session drinking tea and wondering about the best Susanne and the not so good Susanne and what this will do to me in my business and also personal life.

A weekend of studying is coming up.


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