Look beyond all obstacles

How can one find the motivation when things go wrong?

There are times when certain circumstances in life can cause you to stop seeing your clear goals and intend to abandon your plans and give up what you had planned and dream about.

They are difficult situations, sometimes unexpected, that cause you to start doubting and begin to feel fear and uncertainty, lose motivation and feel lost, without direction.

What can you do if you are in such a situation? Looking beyond all obstacles?

How can you regain your motivation and move on with your projects and your life? If you are willing to do your part, there are several things that can help you:

Find your inspiration, find time each day to do something you like, meet people who inspire you and help you move forward.

Accept reality, rest and reflect

This type of situation can normally change your priorities, so take a pen and paper (or your computer if you prefer) and start writing down everything that comes to mind and when you asked yourself "what do I want?" do I want to do?

Not what others want or think is better for you, what you want.

One thing that inspired me a lot is to meet an amazing woman live at this fabulous place "Greta at Haymarket", Malin has business coached me for a whole year and it is the best investment I have made, to my own personal development.

I have learned lots, things I never knew I could do or knew about myself. I love it! and it inspires me!

To develop, inspire, help and support women & entrepreneurs forward.

Love Marjorie

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