Questions for you and me! #BirgersdotterSusanne

When Susanne wrote Questions for you and me! in the forum here at WWN I first jumped on to next page but then the questions came back to me during the day. We easily skip things and thinking "this will take time to answer - I do it later". So I went back to the desk and put some quick words to the questions, it is smart to answer these questions for themselves sometimes. It improves the goal better.

1. What is your vision for this year?

To create a better balance between my home/family and my job.

2. Whats your goal for the next week?

To continue to handle the short-term obstacles that stand before me to reach that balance.

3. How was your last week?

I had one week extra free and was home with my son. I visualized and printed down ideas for 2019.


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