Succeeding as a Woman in a Male Dominated Business

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

I travelled for a business trip recently to meet with some investors for my app company, and standing in the hall, with my professional black dress and heels, I realized I was one of few women present at this event.

Technology and women have come a long way since the days before we started working out from the home.

Even though we see strong and powerful women leading businesses all over the world, there are still markets like technology and science that are predominantly male dominated.

More recently though, women have started filtering into these markets, taking the world by storm.

I am lucky enough to be one of these women; I started Stockholm App Lab, a mobile app company based in Sweden a couple of years ago, and thanks to some little, and big, ways of presenting myself and running my business, I have been able to grow my company to unbelievable heights!

I want to share some of them with you, in hopes of empowering women everywhere to follow their dreams, no matter where they made lead.

I worked hard and knew my market

There is no real way to success take a short cut or skip over any steps with this. If you want to prove yourself in business, even as a man, you need to spend the hours to study everything about your market.

I studied popular apps, what top companies were doing, networked with other business owners, and learned everything I possibly could about mobile apps and selling them. Whenever someone has a question for me, I don’t have to think on it, I know.

I was persistent

This is a big one, if you take “no” at face value and leave it at that, you will not get far.

Sometimes I had to push, beg, and plead to take just one step. I had investors to convince, and not all of them were.

I kept at it though, and my persistence showed, people knew I was serious and there to take action.

I walked with confidence

There is a little saying that people usually hear in reference to animals, but it plays well to humans too.

“If you are not confident in your demeanor, they will not be confident in you”

What this means is, if you approach a dog with a frightened attitude, jumping whenever he moves and acting frightened to pet him, then he is likely to think there is something wrong with you and not trust you.

I learned that this rule also applies in business, if you walk up to an investor, or a potential client, and you don’t beam with confidence, they won’t be as confident in you either.

Even when you don’t feel on top of the world, it is important to throw that face on, and walk the walk like no other.

My final tip is to remember your own innate power as a human to achieve and accomplish your goals. Whether you are a man or woman, if you believe in yourself, work hard, and keep at it, you will succeed.


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