Yesterday, my real first day of work started on the new year after a few days off, nothing is more healing than being with my family, wonderful quality time during these days and time for recovery, now I am ready for a new year with new challenges and opportunities! now I step into a new decade, 2020!

I leave behind me in 2019, I feel grateful for everything and everyone who shared their love with me during the year 2019, I met so many new wonderful people that I started to know and stepped into this amazing group just last year in January, thanks Susanne for it and feel so happy and free to be here and share a little about me and what I do.

I hope to be able to contribute more this new year, I have been working for the last six months with a new fantastic mentor in my home language Spanish, I have been very focused on this training and our sessions and have left aside to be so active on social media In recent months, sometimes we need a break and focus on what is important right then, like feeling good, working some with the mindset and new strategies for online business, can soon tell more about it.


My word for 2020 is THANKFULNESS 🙏

I thank you that I am no longer where I was, that I have grown and that I am still learning, that I have overcome many things, I am grateful that I am stronger and alive and I thank for the best has not yet come.

Thankful to these empowered women who have been a part of my year 2019




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