The beginning of a new stage of life

Happy Friday dearest WWN members!

Every friday is awesome but this one is particularly special for me!

Yesterday I (hopefully positively) finished my very last exam at university and finally starting my life as a full-time entrepreneur!

I've been building up my business in the last couple of months while interning full time and finishing university so I am extremely glad to finally be able to focus on my business!

I am building an online business, so: no fixed schedules, no pre-determined priorities and 100% freedom - feels awesome but of course a bit scaring for the beginning!

I am sure that many of you already faced such life-changing stages in their lives - do you have any tips or recommendations? :)

How do you set up your days when you have the freedom to choose everything?

How do you set priorities?

I am looking forward to learning from you awesome, powerful women!

Happy weekend from freezing Vienna!

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