The Driving force within me

For some time I have worked with a personal project that is close to my heart, my daughter's personal brand, "Jelissa the Author" now the website is ready!

Jelissa has written a trilogy series in fantasy and shortly comes with her fourth book, a romantic novel. I don't stop impressed by her.

When Jelissa told us she had written a trilogy book, she inspired me tremendously, I felt it was time to get out of the comfort zone. From that moment on I feel the driving force within me to make a change, I started exploring, networking with experts, investing in a fantastic coach and learning how important it is to work with his brand and to be seen. "If you don't, then you are not" - "Do you see, you are! "

Everything started as a personal project that turned into a passion. I found myself on the road, I feel the driving force, the passion, I love branding, entrepreneurship, communication and want to help other women & entrepreneurs who do not know how to go ahead and achieve these professional goals in their business or build strong personal brand.

It's about something more than just a job for me when I work with Jelissa's brand. I love to see her develop in her role as an author, love to help her to the next level, partly with branding and strategic.

”Working hard for something, whe don´t care about is called stress.

working hard for something we love called PASSION ”

-Simon Sinek-

I share a part of the prologo from the first book Lucid Dreams series part 1 ”Illumination”

”She looked disturbingly skinny and pale like the sun had never touched her skin before

She looked like another person. But I guess thats what this sickness does to you

My mom hasn’t eaten in days, she has just taken care of my grandmother and kiss her cheek as I walk out the door

My dad is outside looking at me and giving a smile, trying to hide his sadness. He knows that she doesn’t have long.

I sit in the kitchen with my head against the window as I stare outside.

I cant see much just the rain against the window and you can hear the raindrops slowly stroke the window. Its relaxing and it makes me think easier. I can’t manage to keep my eyes open anymore.

Everything is turned dark…..

I hope that you will be curious and inspired and that you want to know more about "Jelissa The Author" Follow & Enjoy, or maybe buy the book? :-)

Now there is the first book to buy as a pocket at Adlibris, Bokus, Akademikbokhandeln or as an e-book on amazon.

Love Marjorie


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