The Nomad Entrepreneur

Over the last decade, technological advancements turned many of us into digital nomads. It has forged a living out of travel, created colossal online businesses, and established virtual offices. It has given small businesses an equal opportunity to compete with the giants, it disrupted the traditional way of working. It created a whole new system of living.

It created a new generation of nomad entrepreneurs. They are the executives without sleek offices. They are creative, adaptable, and laid back. A nomad entrepreneur could be running a million-dollar company from a quiet corner of a coffee shop or a cabana at a beach.

The Dress Code

A typical nomad entrepreneur contradicts the established concepts of what success looks like. They would rarely wear the prescribed business uniform, only when they have to. You can see them in their most comfortable – jeans, t-shirts, sweaters. Oh, they will dress up, too. But, only on their own terms. They can be chic and flamboyant, subdued and classy.

They have created a whole new look at how a successful person looks – himself or herself. They can look like the grungy artist, the upscale lady, or the nerdy student. Whatever they’re most comfortable in.

The Digital Life

A nomad entrepreneur invests more in his or her digital prowess than on maintaining appearances. Most of their businesses are online-based or online-founded. It is either they created the apps or use the apps. They might not drive flashy and expensive cars, but they have the most sophisticated gadgets. You will never catch a nomad entrepreneur without a laptop or a smartphone. They are nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

The Virtual Office

Nomad entrepreneurs do not have brick and mortar offices. The bigger and more established businesses might have physical addresses, but that doesn’t mean they work there all day. They might show up in the office a few hours a day, a couple of days a week. What they have is a well-organized and dynamic virtual office structure. It could include a few virtual employees or thousands of them. The employees could be from anywhere around the world, but they are the best for the job. The CEO uses the internet to manage, communicate, and collaborate with his or her team. The setup frees him or her to travel and work anywhere, lets him or her dress as he or she pleases, and spend the day however he or she wants.

Work-Life Attitude

Work and life for most nomad entrepreneurs are mostly intertwined. It is because they are doing the things they love and making a career out of it. Nomad entrepreneurs are motivated by freedom and the nomadic lifestyle more than money and status. Not many of them are earning top dollar, but most of them are grateful and content with the life they lead. They value quiet afternoons with the family, the ability to travel anytime and anywhere, and express their passion.

I am a proud nomad entrepreneur. Most of my businesses are based online. I have a small office at home where I work the most. But I can also work anywhere I happen to be – while on the commute, on vacation, or while waiting for my friends at the café. I have a few online employees from all over the world. I travel a lot, for business and pleasure. I like dressing up when I’m meeting with business partners, onstage, or out with my friends. But I also cherish the dress down moments at home or on vacation, cozy and comfortable. I love what I do, the career that I have, and the life I live.

Do you foresee yourself being a nomad entrepreneur? What are your expectations in business? Let’s discuss! If you haven’t yet, join the successful sisterhood here.


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