The only habit you need to succeed in 2019

Eighty percent of success is showing up. — Woody Allen

I used the last few weeks of 2018 to practice a lot of self-care, self-education and amongst all for a lot of reflection.

Overall my year has been quite diverse and packed with new experiences, and even more learnings.

And while reflecting on what I’ve accomplished this year, I realized one main factor:

All that I’ve achieved was because I had the courage to show up.

In fact, I had to jump outside of my comfortzone a few times this year and most of the time it was uncomfortable.

But when looking back it was worth it because I grew as a person.

I am running a business in which we teach young people skills which are not covered in formal education. Like many personal development topics but also topics like future technologies.

The business itself evolved from the basic idea of hosting a workshop for students in October 2017.

At that time we’ve been a team of 5 and for me, organizing a workshop and creating a concept from scartch was something completely new.

Also the majority of the team was new for me thus I felt quite uncomfortable.

And while all the others chose a topic that they covered in the workshop, I didn’t.

I simply didn’t have the confidence to stand in front of 20 people who were my age and tell them something about personal development.

I thought that if I knew something about these topics, the others also know it.

And above all I was super afraid of blaming myself.

But guess what?

I was also super angry of myself because of not contributing and in fact, I was even jealous as the others were standing on the stage and shining — and I didn’t.

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat,determination and hard work. — Colin Powell

However, when 2018 hit I had big plans.

It took us more than 8 months to organize the next workshop but I was determined to face my fears and become a better version of myself.

And guess what?

I didn’t crush all the goals that I’ve set for the year but I accomplished much bigger things.

Not only did I host almost 10 workshops and presented personal development topics in each of them but I also pitched my start-up in front of many people several times.

I guess the peak was about 500 people at a entrepreneurial conference at my university.

And I learned certain things:
- It is an incredibly amazing feeling if many people are listening to you when you have something worth sharing.
- Feedback is the most valuable thing you can receive if you want to grow
- Perfection is poisonous if you want to succeed

And most importantly:

- Showing up is the first and main part of succeeding
The secret to happiness is freedom… And the secret to freedom is courage. — Thucydides

Asthe past few months convinced me that showing up can make the biggest impact and difference in your life, I want to dig a bit deeper into it.

Nervousness is great

Go do it afraid.

When it comes to public speaking or doing anything in front of a big audience, most people claim to be too nervous.

But let me tell you one thing:

Nervousness is absolutely great

Because if you are nervous about something, in most cases it simply means that what you are up to is quite important to you.

And if you are doing something that is important and matters to you, in my opinion, you are doing things right in your life.

Imagine living a life where nothing matters or excites you?

I don’t think that this is the way we should live our lifes.

In fact, if you are nervous, you prepare well and that’s great because:

Preparation is what makes us great

I don’t really believe in talent.

Sure, there might be people who have it easier to succeed in certain fields but what I truly believe is the following:

Hard work, passion and consistency will always beat talent

It is pretty reasonable that the more you prepare for something, the more you practice, the better you will perform in the end.

If you are preparing for a speech and you practice hundreds of times, of course, you will be better than without the practice.

And above all you will have the confidence because you know that you’ve practiced a lot.

All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination. — Earl Nightingale

Consistently showing up

“The majority of goals people pursue don’t require innate talent, or working a 12-hour a day — in most cases they lack old-fashion consistency.” -Zdravko Cvijetic

I strongly believe that if you have a goal that you are working on and if you consistently show up and work on it your success is guaranteed.

And I also believe that the reason why most people don’t succeed is that they want to be the noun without doing the verb.

“Lots of people want to be the noun without doing the verb. They want the job title without the work.” -Austin Kleon

Well, that’s not how it works.

But showing up and doing the work is how it works.

Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success. — Virat Kohli

In fact, there is no secret magic behind it:

If you want to be better at writing you have to write moreIf you want to get fitter you have to exercise more — and so on.

The little secret word is doing.

  • taking action.

  • getting shit done.

I can not guarantee that simply doing will make you the best in the world but it is inevtiable that you will make progress.

And in fact, it’s you against you.

Each and every day we should be figthing to become a little better than yesterday.

It’s about Growth.

Because life is all about growing and evolving.

Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come. —   Dwayne Johnson

But how to be consistent?

What I’ve learned is that building strong habits is one great way of establishing consistency in whatever you do.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. — Will Durant

1️⃣ 3 R’s of habit change

The whole process of building and maintaining each habit relates to a principle called the 3R’s of habit change.

The 3R’s are Reminder — Routine — Reward.

Every good or bad habit relates to those three principles.
There is always something reminding us to take action. This might be a phone call to be answered or just some kind of feeling that triggers the routine.
Every habit comes with a reward — this might be physical or just a feeling that we want to have repeatedly.

2️⃣ Dream big — start small

It is proven, that big visions and dreams can empower our motivation and lead to more action.

A big vision leads to intrinsic motivation, which again ends up in habits that really stick!

When building habits you should always have the big picture, your vision in mind and work on small implementations into your everyday life.

Focus on the minimum amount of work that you have to accomplish each and every day to come closer to your goals.

The key is that big goals become achievable through small actions that are taken every day!

Start with habits that are so small that you can’t even say no and gradually improve in small steps. Imagine adding up 1% at a time — you will see extreme improvements very fast!

3️⃣ Behavior Chains

We already have tons of habits that we repeat each day without even realizing it.

Through so-called behavior chains we can schedule new habits around established ones to make sure that we do not forget or skip them.

The ‘’old habit’’ is, therefore, our reminder for the one.

It is a so- called ‘’ if — then ‘’ planning.

So you might tell yourself every time after brushing your teeth you do 10 minutes of stretching. We simply take a regular part of our schedule and build new habits around these established triggers.

4️⃣ Get back on track

The best way to improve your self-control is to make sure to know how and why you lost control.

Missing your habit once does not have a big impact on your long- term progress.

Even professionals slip but what is important is that they get back on track as fast as possible.

Get away from that all-or-nothing mentality and always get back on track. You need to be consistent — not perfect!

We, and our successes are simply the sum of the actions that we take.

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