Weekend in holland and some info for WWN members

Spent the weekend in a rainy Holland. Studied during the days about innovation, leadership and "myself", super interesting and informative. Since I still have "wounds" as my mentor says after the whole story with Igotcha (the company I founded ) this is important for me and my future as a businesswomen, to learn more about myself and how to get more control over my feelings.

I also had the opportunity to see more of Holland. I have been doing a lots of walking around and if you havent been to Holland you should really consider a trip over.

Some new infomation:

Member Companies

Many of WWN´s members are business owners and there is no better way to support a member than to make the active choice of buying from them. So if you are a member and want to show your goods or services here you are more than welcome, its free. If you are not a member you cannot show here, but you can contact us for more info on other ways to advertise on the members pages. 

Love S

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