Welcome to the World Women Network

This is what we stand for and want our members to agree to. A member that clearly violates these rules can be banned. 


1. A network for women.  WWN believes in equality but in this case we make an exception and keep this place for ourselves. We believe it creates another vibe. So women only are welcome. 


2. The WWN is about supporting each other in your career. Help, support, share and encourage your fellow sister in achieving their goals. 


3. No shaming, or blaming. This is a closed community and there are no dumb questions or requests. We can of course be critisizing but then do it constructively. And if you you cannot be construcively critisizing you might refer from sharing your negativism. Lets be giving, and supportive.  

4. We do not share information from the site without the approval of other members. There is nothing top secret going on but we should feel confident that we are part of a group where we can express ourselves freely. 

World Women Network



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